Built to Order

Built to Order by L.A. Noble

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I need to begin this review with a note that I probably should have read the first book prior to reading this one. I wasn’t aware it was the second book of a series at the time I purchased it. Much of the character development was missing for me as it was likely built in the first book.

The read was a complex with many streams of characters moving toward an intersecting point. The premise was good and the plot twists began coming together toward the middle of the book.

I was caught slightly off guard as many characters would discuss serious situations before having sex at what seemed inappropriate times. The way the story was flowing up to those points, it seemed the more natural progression, of the story, would have been for the characters to attempt to resolve the situation at hand. Instead, they would go from concerned and urgent to engaging playfully forgetting about the discussion they were having.

I have nothing against a playful romp, however it seems some of the situations were stuck in with little regard to the characters personalities or emotional situations at the time.

All that aside, this book has many high points as well. It is an intriguing mystery that keeps you guessing well toward the end of the book. The pace is quick and many of the characters are interesting, dramatic and funny. Some are all three.

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