Lilly’s Game

Vampires can be hackers too

Lilly isn’t like other girls, but don’t all girls think that? Then again, a nine hundred-year-old vampire has the right to think she’s something special. Touting an incredible history of untraceable global hacks, Lilly has gotten herself in deep this time. As the target of more than one powerful group, Lilly finds herself in a situation she may not be able to get out of. She can’t elude them, but can she leverage herself into a better situation than she started with?

Sophisticated and elegant,  there's more to Vivienne than meets the eye. Once left for dead, this 150-year-old beauty has found a way to maneuver this hacker right into the position where she needs her most. But will her meticulous plans to catch the ultimate enemy turn out to be more challenging than she expects?

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About the Book

Find out in Lilly’s Game, the second Character Companion installment of the Life As Grace book series by J. Serrano.

If you follow the series, Lilly’s background story takes place between book I, OG-Original Grace and book II, Immortals In The Everything.
Haven’t read the series yet? Lilly’s Game is a great introduction as a stand-alone story with minimal spoilers.

Series: Character Companion Series, Book 2
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction, Supernatural
ASIN: B0854865VG
ISBN: 9781734060379
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