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Where would you turn if you found yourself immortal?

Grace aches to truly discover herself. Where did she come from and how did she come to be? She may be blessed with exceptional and God-like powers, but Grace is languishing in a cloud of the unknown. As an immortal, Grace’s problems are never-ending. Worldly losses are painful enough, but when it’s discovered that her oldest memories were stolen by a council of vengeful divinities, the stage is set for all-out war with stakes that couldn’t climb higher.
Earth’s most clandestine faction offers refuge, but teaming up with vampires only further angers the enemy. Moreover, Grace’s alliance with these earthbound hunters is strictly forbidden. The reason, running through their veins, will represent a riddle that together must be solved—and fast—for fate is closing in.
Grace will soon receive an ultimatum of galactic weight. Those closest to her believe she’s trapped, but bombshells lie in store.
Buckle up and enter a beautiful world of science fiction and fantasy which explores the concepts of loyalty and unyielding love in mythical proportions. This is just the beginning…

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About the Book

Time passed so quickly on this world—humans aged to dust, once-great civilizations disintegrated to rubble, and the old Gods faded to fairy-tales. She is Grace. She is hunted, and she is not easy prey. After centuries alone Grace makes the decision to align herself with this planet’s immortals. Vampires. When the Council of Gods charges her with crimes Grace has a choice to make: She can return to her own kind, ensuring the safety of her vampire clan but forcing her back to a life she escaped. Or she can stay on earth, but her new family’s memory of her will be stripped away. Leave or stay. Preservation or destruction. The eternal or the ephemeral. What Grace decides is one thing. What comes after is another beast entirely.
​​​​​​​J. Serrano’s debut novel Original Grace puts an entirely new spin on what you might believe about gods and vampires. It’s a twisted, fun read. Book I of a planned series. Book II is out now!

Series: Life As Grace, Book 1
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Supernatural
Tags: Read First, Recommended Books
Format: e-book / paperback
Length: Novel
ASIN: 173406031X
ISBN: 9781734060300
About the Author
J. Serrano

J. Serrano was born in Quantico, Virginia and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia. She joined the Marine Corps after graduating high school. She began feeding her love for science fiction and fantasy as her three daughters began reading. It was furthered by exposure to younger students when she later attended college.
​​​​​​​ After a tragic accident left her a widow, she began writing as a way to disappear into worlds foreign to the one she was living in. Committing her stories to paper became her solice. It played out in both wonderful and dark ideas. Her tales are given with a dark sense of humor and a sprinkle of salt. Seeing characters rise out of her mind and manifest into words is the most satisfying thing she’s ever done.

​​​​​​​ ** So, that's the profile everyone tells me I need to have. Professional, clinical... boring. What I can honestly tell you is I love to write. I don't know how to sell myself and I'm not interested in it at all. If you like what I write, awesome. If you don't like what I write, I wish you luck in finding something that holds your interest. I believe you should be who you are, like what you like and dream what you dream. To hell with anyone who tells you different.

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