Book Series: The Turned Gods

Original Grace

Original Grace by Joyce Serrano Book 1 of The Turned Gods Book Series

Grace has no memory of her past. She’s been eluding predators for just as long as she can remember—those who are threatened that she will spread peace and light throughout the universe—a universe that is increasingly dark and unbalanced. Grace is also under watch by the Council—the governing body of representatives from across the universe that has precise and strict rules and laws for all inhabitants.

An amulet that Grace wears around her neck is just as mysterious as her past. She has no idea how to remove it or what it’s for. All she knows is that when she awoke, the amulet was attached to her.

She is surrounded by characters that only the inhabitants of the vast universe could compile—humanoids, non-humanoids, mortals, immortals, representatives from different pantheons; a husband whom she doesn’t remember, and a man with whom she is in love.

The clock is ticking. Will she ever regain her memory? Will she discover the mystery behind the amulet and the power it holds? Will she bridge the gap between enemies across lifetimes and pacify generations of animosity in order to bring balance to light and dark? Or will the stretch of darkness continue to expand until there is no more light at all?

Immortals in The Everything

Immortals in The Everything Book 2 The Turned Gods Book Series

It was the type of cold that sunk into the bones. Deep darkness shielded by ancient footings squirming with night creatures. Climbing the slope brought into view, the bridge emanating its own eerie glow spun from diffracted light and hanging by a single thread for the entire span. It seemed impossible the way it hovered over the vast expanse of fast-moving water, as if physics held no influence here.

The turned have discovered a whole new perspective on life away from earth. Along with it, a whole new dilemma as well.

The expansion of the new race has its challenges. Not every species is pleased with their spread. But Grace and Ivan have embraced their purpose, and those who try to stand in their way won’t have an easy run.

It’s time for the inhabitants of The Everything to pick sides. The old ways are dying out, but not without some extreme resentment.

Get ready to dive into a fantastical world of immortal beings and mythological creatures in the second book of The Turned Gods series.