Galin’s Alley

Galin’s Alley

Galin's Alley by Joyce Serrano The Turned Gods Character Companion Title: Galin's Alley
Series: The Turned Gods - Character Companions #1
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Have you read The Turned Gods book series and wondered about Galin & Viv's story? What would make Galin turn the fiery Vivienne into a vampire when he could have so easily left her for dead in the alley where he found her? Haven't read the series yet? Get a taste of what modern vampires have evolved into.

This character companion takes place at the turn of the 20th century in the bustling port city of Genova, Italy. In the time order related to The Turned Gods series, it comes before Book 1, Original Grace.

Published by: Coffee Gal Books
Release Date: 11/15/2019
Contributors: Joyce Serrano - Author
Genre: , , ,
Pages: 108
ISBN13: 978-1734060362

Galin was snapped out of his wandering thoughts. Someone had stumbled into one of the horses causing him to push into his yoke mate. The mare shifted over into a stream of people knocking over a woman. Galin was off the wagon into the street before she had hit the ground. He pulled her up from behind, stopping the mare from trampling over her. Once she had her balance, she spun around. Upon seeing Galin had been the driver, the woman unleashed a stream of forceful Italian, far too quickly for Galin to understand, though her vibrant tone was easy enough to discern her intentions.

The woman was tall and slender without being too thin. Her lips were full and naturally rosy. She had dark, black hair and deep, brown eyes that appeared nearly black as well until a streak of errant morning sunlight hit them. Like most of the native population, her skin was smooth, olive and tanned. She was very pretty, probably under forty by his assessment. Galin imagined she could be striking with a little more attention to her appearance.

Her clothing reflected the rest of the working class - a simple ankle length shift dress and apron with a fish basket in hand. From her scent, she worked in the market, likely as a fish monger or possibly a cook. Galin was more inclined to believe the former. Her hands were clean and calloused in the places they would be from years of knife work. The apron she wore appeared clean although it had been stained yellow in the places she would use to wipe her hands. And then there was the blood. No matter how clean it looked, to Galin, it would always smell of blood.

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